Ali Adams, Wales ,United Kingdom

Quran and 2012, secret of the primes

السبت، 29 أكتوبر 2011 - 9:0


 By: Ali Adams

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This book is neither about the End of the World nor about  numerology or astrology but simply a numerical analysis of key  verses in the Quran that are begging to be analyzed .The book has been divided into two parts that can be read  independently, these are
.  Numerical Research into the Quran
.  Advanced Concepts in the Quran
The first part details three new findings
•  Quran and prime numbers showing how chapter The Key (Al-Fatiha) is to be used to unlock the rest of the Quran, called The Message.
•  Primalogy which is a new numerology system derived from chapter The Key is introduced to acts as checksum to assure us that we are moving along the right path. There is no reliance on primalogy whatsoever for any the 2012 findings.
•  Quran and 2012 uncovering a warning from Allah All-Merciful in a 31 repetitions of a single verse in chapter The Merciful (Ar-Rahmaan). The reader can start reading from
here if not mathematically inclined.   This part ends with recommendations for further research.
The second part proposes new interpretations of some of the most  difficult-to-understand concepts in the Quran with evidence from the Quran itself. These include:
•  Soul versus Spirit
•  Dreams versus Visions
•  Death versus Returning to God
•  Freewill versus Predestination
•  Nuclear Fusion in the Quran
Finally, the book presents related software, games, and poems by the author as appreciation gifts. For the Arabic reader (يبرعلا يئراقلا), an Arabic summary is appended to the end of the book.
I hope this book will inform the reader and not simply add noise to the 2012 hysteria and enable him/her to make informed decisions when needed. Enjoy the ride!

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